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Moccamaster Select - Tutorial

We are proud to present you our new video to master your new Moccamaster Select innovation created by Technivorm factory. You will learn more about this specific model and have a final tutorial for brewing the golden cup of coffee.

Moccamaster expertise in the brewing process has lead them to be internationally known for brewing the golden cup of coffee. If the high quality of beans is an essential ingredient for preparing specialty coffee, the coffee maker has also its role to play. Moccamaster coffee machines provide the best extraction due to their heating temperature of the water between 92 and 96°. Temperature assure the deployment of coffee flavours and complexity. Moccamaster machines also provide the perfect saturation time to assure the perfect taste of coffee. The brewing process last between 4 to 6 minutes to get the best coffee aromas, what follows the slow coffee ritual. If Moccamaster coffee is so delicious, this is also due to the outlet arm that assures the perfect spreading of the water in the filter basket. The heating plate finally keeps automatically the coffee warm for 40 minutes. As quality is essential for Moccamaster, the brand resorts to quality materials without BPA and 100% recyclable. Each machine is handmade but also individually tested so the brand firmly assures the durability of the product. Moccamaster offers customers up to 5 years of guarantee on their machines.

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