"Life is too short to drink bad coffee" is what Gerard C. Smit, designer and founder of Technivorm used to say. This is the leading theme that has guided the development of the company since its creation. With a strong passion for the good taste of coffee and a crative mindset, the Dutch industrial designer and engineer Gerard C. Smit decided to create to create a coffee maker which would offer him the golden cup of coffee.


The challenge is successful and even exceeded since today the range covers not only the individuals' needs but also the professional ones. Nowawadays, millions of people around the world rely on Moccamaster for their durable and reliable high quality coffee machines to fulfill their daily coffee needs.


Mr Smit has always put sustainability at the heart of Technivorm development strategy. Since 1968, each machine is handcrafted and individually tested, making Moccamaster the reference for filter coffee machine market.

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Brewing the best coffee cup is as well depending on the quality of coffee beans as the coffee brewer itself has an influence on the coffee taste as well. Moccamaster is known as the coffee brewer that makes itself the tastiest filter coffee. Therefore it is no coincidence that the American magazine … elected Moccamaster in 2017 as the world’s best drip coffee machine!

Since 1975, every Moccamaster proudly displays the ECBC golden sticker on its front, an independent organization that has established strict rules for evaluating, recognizing, and promoting the machines all in order to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

The Moccamaster machines serve as a benchmark in the professional world of coffee: used in international competitions such as baristas or cupping championships and are even selected by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) for their consistency of their cup’s tasting result.


Since 1974, when the iconic KBG741 was launched, more than 10 million machines have left the factory. Everyday, in between 2000 and 2500 machines leave the Technivorm factory and 7 million are used daily.



Ever since its creation, protecting the environment has been at the heart of Technivorm’s development strategy. From the 60’s onwards, Mr Smit as a true visionary, exclusively used high quality, energy efficient, recyclable and even completely biodegradable materials. The plastics applied in the machines used are BPA- BPF-BFS and phthalate free. The environmental impact is also reduced as most of the raw material suppliers are located within the Netherlands and Europe.

Each Moccamaster machine is handmade in the family factory located in the heart of the Netherlands and then tested 3 times one by one before being packed and shipped. Because of this, all the machines that leave the factory are reliable and ready to satisfy the consumer of perfect coffee. Therefore, Moccamaster offers 5 years warranty on its machines for domestic use up to 1,25L and 3 years warranty for professional use from 1,8L.


Each machine is built to last. Most of the parts, i.e the jar, lid, outlet pipe among others are removable and available as spare parts (<1% breakdown/year). It is also convenient to know that when the production of a machine stops, Technivorm keeps all spare parts for 10 years by doing so. Technivorm aims to contribute to reducing waste pollution while extending your coffee machine’s life.


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Moccamaster are worldwide knwon for their timeless design and created down to the very last detail for the customer to taste the perfect cup of coffee.