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Slow Coffee Trend

With this traditional method of brewing coffee, it's back to basics. Water drips drop by drop on the ground coffee and allows the freshly ground beans to release all their aromas. Coffee flavors and subtlety are thus carefully preserved, and you drink your coffee as you enjoy a good glass of wine! This new slow coffee trend is more ecological, economical and gastronomic.


This ritual approach to preparing coffee has seen the emergence of a new profession, the barista. This coffee sommelier is none other than an expert in coffee extraction. Coffee festivals are spreading all over the world, with barista competitions, cuppings (tasting of different specialty coffee origins), with one priority: discover specialty coffee as opposed to industrial coffee.

Slow Coffee Trend

Specialty coffee growth

“Slow Coffee” owe its success to the parallel development of specialty coffee in France. The Specialty coffee Association of Europe depicts it as a top-ended coffee with a unique quality, taste and character. The production of specialty coffee implies the dedication of the whole coffee value chain work to quality – from the coffee farmer to the barista.

Passionate coffee professionals are more and more involved in sourcing to trace back coffee origins and directly meet the farmers. Most of them transport their selected coffee beans through Belco - importing more than 350 containers of coffee each year on the French territory to provide exceptional coffee to the greatest roasters. 

More than 21 000 stores in the world are dedicated to coffee. According to the SCA report from the 17/12/2019, more than 630 stores are devoted to coffee, what represents 321 millions of sales in 2018. 

Growth of Specialty Coffee

Assets of

filter coffee

Slow coffee wordlwide trend but also the exponentional growth of specialty coffee in France reflects the desir of a return to the original taste. Filter remains the best extraction method for a complex and rich aromatic taste. this has been and remains Moccamaster promise.

Alain Ducasse especially chose to promote Moccamaster filter coffee machine to taste specialty coffee as this tripled-stared Michelin chef is working on taste, taste and taste. 

Filter coffee has also been recognized for its health benefits, especially as it filters bad cholesterol in coffee. 

Assets of filter coffee
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