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The New Moccamaster Brochure

It’s finally here, the new brochure of Moccamaster! In this customer brochure, you can read everything about the history of the brand. The philosophy behind the products and the environment-friendly design are shared in a 23 pages thick bookwork. It tells you all you need to know about the perfect coffee and why you brew it with a Moccamaster. Last but not least, you will discover the full range of models, including the new Moccamaster KBG Select! Get inspired by downloading the full file. Hopefully, this inspires you to have a good cup of coffee brewed in your Moccamaster soon! 

For the real taste of coffee


  • The best for years

  • Tasty and Healthy Coffee

  • Barista Quality

  • For every situation

Brew the best cup of coffee by choosing not only highest quality beans but also one top-ended machine with an iconic and timeless design exhibited at the MoMa e-store of New York - America.

Professional coffee lovers

You are interested by a partnership with the brand? Good news!

You can contact us at or by phone at 0031 20 616 36 32.

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