• Functionality

The Moccamaster KBGT is recommanded for baristas and coffee shops who would love to prepare some golden cups of aromatic coffee. The machine is optimal for those who wish to keep their coffee warm for hours. The KBGT can content 1,25L of coffee.


  • Extraction - Innovation

Ideal temperature of water between 92° and 96° for a better extraction of the coffee aromas. The new outlet arm with its 9 holes in reflief ensures a better spreading of the water on the grinding. 

Only the Black and Brushed KBGT have a new outlet arm.


  • Precision

The KBGT offers you the perfect extraction time of 5,5 minutes. The time of extraction should be at least 4 minutes for the perfect deployment of coffee flavours and savours but less than 8 minutes otherwise the coffee would be bitter. With Moccamaster, your coffee will reveal his deepest flavours. 


  • Temperature

The hotplate adjusts its temperature to the quantity of coffee in the jug. It keeps the coffee at the perfect tasting temperature in the inox thermos for hours. 


  • Homogenization

The mixing pipe automatically mixes and harmonizes the coffee concentration in the thermos. 


  • Handmade 

Every machine is handmade and tested in the Netherlands.


  • 5 Years of Guarantee

KBGT - Brushed

SKU: 79388
  • Moccamaster offers you one box of 100 filters N°4 for a perfect extraction and tasting experience with your new coffee machine. Moccamaster filters are certified FSC and produced while respecting the planet ressources.