• Functionality

The KBG744 is the double version of the KBG. It offers all the advantages of the KBG and brews 20 cups of coffee in 6 minutes (KBG brews 10 cups of coffee). This makes it possible to brew about 160 cups of coffee in one hour (20 liters). Left and right can be used individually.

The double machine is very suitable for smaller offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, retirement homes, etc.

The KBG744 comes with 2 glassjugs. Each jug has a volume of 1.25 ltr.


  • Better Extraction

Ideal temperature of water between 92° and 96° for a better extraction of the coffee aromas. 


  • Precision

The KBG744 offers you the perfect extraction time of 5,5 minutes. The time of extraction should be at least 4 minutes for the perfect deployment of coffee flavours and savours but less than 8 minutes otherwise the coffee would be bitter. With Moccamaster, your coffee will reveal his deepest flavours. 


  • Temperature

The hotplate adjusts its temperature to the quantity of coffee in the jug to avoid burning the coffee. 


  • Positioning

Every machine is handmade and tested in the Netherlands.


  • 5 Years of Guarantee

KBG 744 AO - Black

SKU: 59364
  • A box of 100 Moccamaster N°4 filters for a perfect extraction and a rich taste experience with your new coffee machine. FSC certified, Moccamaster filters are ecologically bleached and produced with respect for the planet's resources. They also retain bad cholesterol.