• Functionality

The Moccamaster HBG is the entry-level Moccamaster machine for brewing 1,25L of golden cups of aromatic coffee.


  • Extraction

Ideal temperature of water between 92° and 96° for a better extraction of the coffee aromas. 


  • Precision

The HBG offers you the perfect extraction time of 5,5 minutes. The time of extraction should be at least 4 minutes for the perfect deployment of coffee flavours and savours but less than 8 minutes otherwise the coffee would be bitter. With Moccamaster, your coffee will reveal his deepest flavours. 


  • Temperature

The hotplate adjusts its temperature to the quantity of coffee in the jug to avoid burning the coffee. 


  • Positioning

The HBG corresponds to the entry-level iconic Moccamaster model.

Every machine is handmade and tested in the Netherlands.


  • 5 Years of Guarantee

HBG - Black

SKU: 59547
  • Moccamaster offers you one box of 100 filters N°4 for a perfect extraction and tasting experience with your new coffee machine. Moccamaster filters are certified FSC and produced while respecting the planet ressources.