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Coffee Grinder KM5

Best coffee machine in the world

Moccamaster by Calita proudly presents itself as the official distributor of the Moccamaster filter coffee machines in France, Spain and Portugal. All along the road of development on those markets, the best baristas and roasters have trusted and chosen Moccamaster to offer them the golden cup of coffee through easy-to-use coffee machines for all coffee lovers.

With more than 50 years of mastery, Moccamaster has become one of the references for electrical coffee brewers worldwide. From the beginning, Gerald Clement Smith, founder of Moccamaster Technivorm, had the mission to offer a premium, easy-to-use coffee machine designed to last in time. 



Moccamaster expertise in the brewing process has lead them to be internationally known for brewing the golden cup of coffee. Our team is working in partnership with worldwide coffee passionate and experts. Among them, Belco green coffee beans importer and Maxicoffee awarded by Capital as the best e-commerce coffee website in 2019 are reselling Moccamaster. Specialty coffees from the international triple Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse chose Moccamaster to represent slow coffee filter electrical machines in their stores in Paris. Coffee experts such as Terres de Café, Café Van Hoos, Esperanza and Lomi are also banking on Mocamaster. 


As Moccamaster is worldwide known as the best filter coffee machine, the brand has become a reference for professionals in Spain. In 2019 Moccamaster machines were promoted at the Aeropress Festival but also the IBCF in Barcelona. In Spain 64% of the population drinks at least one cup of coffee per day. We are conscient that Spain is a coffee lover country as in average one person drinks 3.6 cups in a single day. We are very pleased to follow the growth of the specialty coffee market in Spain and to take part to the rediscover of coffee tastes.


The new taste for coffee flavors and specialty coffee has lead Moccamaster to explore and discover the amazing Portuguese roasteries and coffee shops. We are proud to work among others with Fabrica Coffee Roasters, Roastberry but also Booigna. The Lisbon Coffee Fest at the LX Factory in Lisbon has been a complete success and we will be attending the second edition postponed to the week end of October 31th to November the first 2020. We would be pleased to meet you and share a delicious cup of coffee together.


The one for you

The first model designed in 1968 by Gerald C. Smit was called the 68'. Ever since the Moccamaster coffeemaker had many revolutions. Some models stayed and some were developed into something better. With a wide range of products, Moccamaster has the perfect filter coffeemaker for everyone needs.


The most popular machine is the Moccamaster Select - a model with a glass jug which comes in many different colours. For consumers who prefer a thermos jug, a wide range of models is available that keeps coffee fresh and warm up to an hour. In 2014, a total new model called the Cup-One was introduced. It is the smallest filter coffee machine and makes exactly one big cup of filter coffee, but with the quality of the perfect cup set by the ECBC and SCA.


For the real taste of coffee

Before the all-important brew method, The Gold Cup of coffee starts with fresh water, quality beans, consistent grind, and correct grounds-to-water formula for a flavorful and complex brew. Learn more about worldwide trends and especially filter coffee extraction method to taste the perfect coffee cup.

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